Dolores is the Los Angeles-based, multidisciplinary studio led by artist, designer and creative director Ryan Michael Beckemeyer. We provide brand consultation, multifaceted creative efforts and artistic direction as well as curation and creation of original content for brands and institutions.

We are located in the historic core of Los Angeles inside of the Hellman Building. We love waxing patents and generalizing subculture. Feel free to dial home base, 213-537-9607. We can rap Elizabeth Fraser and watch the sun come up.

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We create work that engages the eyes and fosters love for the institution, providing for the heart en masse and defining aesthetic from the core.

We specialize in brand development and social activation with an emphasis on multi-screen interactive experiences. We provide art and music consultation, content creation as well as high-concept user-experience and visual design.

Our client list includes Ethology, Hearst Corporation, Huge, Kelley Blue Book and with projects ranging from book binding and t-shirts to application design and product development.

We move and we shake. We have a pulse. We use our hearts to sharpen our minds. Please, get in touch.